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Uttarakhand cushions the fall of unhealthy living. Along with its surreal landscape and tranquil environment, it is the seat of the age-old practise of healthy living called Yoga. The state has been an ideal destination for Yoga and Meditation in India, helping people to choose a healthier lifestyle and to get rid of their stress. At jack pahadi homestay you can fell and enjoy The serene environment in the state has offered an ideal setting for the practice of this life-giving practice, where the people without getting trapped into the worldly affairs can come to learn and seek treatments for a range of issues. Where on one hand, the lush forests of Uttarakhand houses multiple medicinal herbs that are later used for the therapies and treatments, the scenic landscape and clean air helps in an automatic renewal of mind, body and soul.

Weather in Jack Pahadi Homestay

Here you will experience a sub – temperature climate which remains pleasant throughout the year. Here you can also experience snowfall during winters,changing the village to its picturesque best.

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