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A Heaven in the Unexplored Uttrakhand



As you walk past the signpost marking the entrance to the Jack Pahadi homestay Uttrakhand, you are enveloped by a narrow alleyway brimming with an array of vibrant indigenous plants and resplendent blooming flowers. A few steps further, a quaint little abode, perched on the mountain’s edge, suddenly comes into view. The awe-inspiring sight of the rising Himalayan ranges and the multitude of Garhwali villages, sprawling before your very eyes, takes your breath away. The hospitable and amiable local family, who serve as your hosts, greet you with open arms, inviting you to immerse yourself in their world.



Tucked away in the tranquil village of Mustkhal, Garhwal lies the idyllic Jack Pahadi homestay, the best homestay in Uttrakhand where guests are treated to the epitome of traditional Garhwali hospitality, blended seamlessly with modern amenities. As you step onto the vast property, you’ll be instantly transported to a bygone era, where the essence of Pahadi charm is still palpable, offering guests an unparalleled opportunity to experience the life of the locals.


The homestay’s beautiful kitchen garden boasts a plethora of indigenous and exotic plants and flowers, evoking a sense of serenity and awe. Meanwhile, the mud room, adorned with captivating mud art and Varli paintings, immerses you in the rich culture, art, and history of the region.


But one of the true highlights of your stay will undoubtedly be the authentic Garhwali cuisine, cooked to perfection in the chulha and served with love and warmth. Here your hosts are not only consummate professionals but also knowledgeable local guides, eager to take you on treks of the area, and leisurely walks around the village, and introduce you to the unique culture and history of the era. They’ll offer you an insider’s view of the region’s fascinating cultural and architectural legacy, ensuring that your stay is both interesting and memorable.


So come and experience the best of both worlds at Jack Pahadi homestay – where tradition meets modernity, and comfort meets adventure.

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